Ottawa Impact Education PAC

Corey Mango received an endorsement for school board in Allendale, Michigan.

Brandon Holstege

“Corey has a true passion and heart for the Allendale community. He volunteers his time as a coach and mentor to many athletes. Running for school board is another way he is giving back, and now he will be able to broaden his abilities to more families beyond athletics. It has been years since coaching me, but Corey is still a role model and leader that I continue to have in my life. I have witnessed him standing strong on his belief system, even when he is alone. He is open to new ideas, discussing, and gathering information, and then returns with results to discuss with all parties involved. Corey Mango will be a great school board member that parents, students, and the entire school district of Allendale can count on.”

Dan Remenap

Former Principal, Allendale High School, 2009-2019

“Corey Mango is a man of character and integrity. I have seen him work on a volunteer basis for APS and have always been impressed with his ability to work with all kids and the community in a very cooperative and kind manner. He is transparent, principled, and dedicated to the Allendale Community. Allendale Public Schools would be lucky to have a servant leader like Corey working on its behalf.”

Kari Kossen

“As a teacher of Jenison High School, I offer my full personal endorsement of Corey Mango as an important voice that needs to be included on the Allendale Public School Board. Corey’s intelligence, strong values and passion make him the obvious choice. Corey’s dedication while coaching in the community for 14 years has proven that he is a shoe in. I highly recommend Corey as he would lead in so many ways.”

Doug Meekhof

“I am writing to strongly recommend Corey Mango as an Allendale School board member. I met Corey around twelve years ago when we coached a Lego Robotics team together. Since then, I have witnessed how much he has been dedicated to the Allendale community. Along with being a robotics coach for several years, Corey has coached several youth sports teams over the past decade. His resume of volunteering is impressive. His passion for teaching kids was apparent with the fist robotics team, and I believe has only grown over the years. He was a dedicated coach that went above and beyond to make sure his teams had all of the tools to succeed. One thing that stands out to me was the fact that Corey coached football, which is a significant time commitment, when his son wasn’t even on the team. He did it for other families. Corey and his wife were also foster parents, which also shows where his heart is at. Corey’s teaching style is direct, and he is not afraid to tell it like it is. Corey works well with others and he analyzes situations and comes up with solutions. I would want Corey as a voice for my kids, as I am sure so many others would in Allendale, which is why Corey Mango would serve Allendale Public Schools well.”